2.8ton punch machine for flip off seal

2.8ton punch machine for flip off seal

2.8TON punch machine high speed

a. 2.8 tons power press, 380V (compatible with 440V);

b. Mould with single cavity for 13/15/20/32mm cap, made as per customers cap drawing and samples;

c. Machine control system, including the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and wires.

d. Uncoiler and material feeder;

e. Air generators and cap & ring blowing systems, including one mechanical air generator, air outlets and connection tubes;

f. Ring separator;

g. Mould protection system, including the separate ECU (Electronic Control Unit), sensor and connection wires;

j. Hand protection system, including two infrared sensors, mounting brackets and connection wires;

1.2 Capacity: 16000-18000 caps/hour;

1.3 Aluminium coil width: 26-35mm (depending on cap size)

1.4 Spare parts (no addition cost): 50% parts of the cavity. 

1.5 Tools: Standard tools for repair and maintenance of the machine & mould.

1.6 Installation dimension: 1300*1000*1700mm;

1.7 Installation Notes: Only one wire with 380V & 3 Phase is needed for the machine; No need to fix the machine to the ground.

1.8 Punching Oil required: 10# industrial white oil.


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